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What should I wear???

It's 6:35 am, the sun is beginning to peek through the window. Your hair and makeup are done but, you’re still not dressed and you only have twenty minutes to get out the door. While standing in your closet, staring at your clothing, you say “What should I wear? I need help. I don't have enough clothes”. If only you could have a guide to tell you how to shop, dress for your body type and slay every day with fashion.

Hey Queens, my name is Gabrielle, and I'm going to be your own personal fashion fairy, providing tips and tricks on what you need and how to work with what you have. Don’t worry we will take baby steps to get you in the right direction. Spring is here, and you can no longer hide... 

  FIrst you need to figure out what your body shape is. Here below is a picture to guide you. 

You’ve taken your next step toward a better wardrobe, you know what you're working with . The above picture is also, intended to show what you would like to accentuate, hide, and/or balance.


Is your body shape the inverted triangle? Long jackets that fall below your waist should be your go to. Straight leg pants are a must. Neutral color tops are a great way to camouflage broad shoulders. Colorful and printed pants help to bring attention to your lower body creating a balance for the eye...

Maybe you're the lean column and rectangle shape. You want to look for Jackets that cinch is the smallest part of your waits. Prints are a great way to compliment your figure and bring attention to any area of your body that has curve.                        

Is your body shape apple? Belted blazers and wrap style jackets. Stay away from skinny pants.  V-neck blazers are a great way to give shape on the top half of your body. Pants with detailing around your waist are a good way to create shape for your waist. 

If you have a pear shape body invest in high waist pants. Wear jackets with wider arms and larger collars to draw attention to your small upper body frame and create a balance with your clothing. Stay away from longer jackets. 

If you have a near hour glass or hourglass shape your options are open. The key is showing off your curves because you have nothing you want to hide and nothing to enhance. I encourage prints and bright colors to show off your figure.

I hope this helps when you're going through your morning routine. Think of what you learned about your shape, how to dress for it, and go shopping for something new. You're equipped to walk the runway at work. Prepare yourself for the extra attention.. Its coming!! Talk to you ladies soon. Comment below to let me know if this was helpful. 

Signing off..

Peace Love and Fashion,

                                  - Gabrielle

Meet Our Team: Gabrielle

Gabrielle Williams

Hometown: Kansas City, MO

Years in Industry: 3 years

"Put one piece of hair out of place. Not everything has to be together"

I always ran from the idea of being a stylist. I saw so many people go to school and never do anything with it. I decided in 2012 that I was not going to be one of those people that went to school and never got a license. In school I still was not as focused as I should have been but, I completed and got my license. I worked in two salons before starting at the Blow Dry Room. I feel like my journey with hair has just begun. I am more focused as ever and ready for whatever comes. 

I learned about The Blow Dry Room when my cousin tagged me to the Smash Glam page. I researched the company, and realized I needed to be a part of Aisha and Tiffany’s team. My beauty industry inspirations are Trisha Bagley, Tippi Shorter and Tokyo Styles.

My favorite Aveda hair product is the Dry Remedy Masque treatment. I like to remind myself daily that "My success is guaranteed"...make sure you do the same and check out my video below!

Have a great day!


Model Monday | Become a Model

Here at The Blow Dry Room we are always looking for fresh faces for our Model Monday series.

All hair & skin types are welcome.

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Meet Our Team: Meika

 Meika “Stylez By Meme” Cheatum 

Hometown: Kansas City, Kansas

Years in Industry: 5 years+ 

“Take care of your hair from the inside out! Eating healthy and drinking plenty of water will definitely show through in your hair."

 I became a cosmetologist by chance. While styling the hair of friends and family, I fell in love with the creativity of it. After going through a divorce and moving to Topeka, KS my Aunt, whom was my biggest support system, told me to go to school and get my license. That was the best advice that led to me making the best decision I have ever made. 

I learned of the BDR through owners and good friends Aisha & Tiffany. When they decided to add hair styling to their photography and makeup firm, Smash Glam. They presented me with joining the team and without a doubt I was on board.

My beauty industry inspiration is Stephanie “Hair Magician” Thomas. When first starting out she took the time to take me under her wing and show me the in’s and outs of this industry. She taught me to not be afraid to take chances and be confident in everything I do.

My favorite Aveda hair product is the Smooth Infusion line; because it allows us natural girls to transform our beautiful curls to a Sleek and Smooth style. 

 This is Meika signing off...Have a great Wednesday, and remember to always....

 “Be your own kind of Beautiful”                                  







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