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Here at The Blow Dry Room we are always looking for fresh faces for our Model Monday series.

All hair & skin types are welcome.

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Meet Our Team: Meika

 Meika “Stylez By Meme” Cheatum 

Hometown: Kansas City, Kansas

Years in Industry: 5 years+ 

“Take care of your hair from the inside out! Eating healthy and drinking plenty of water will definitely show through in your hair."

 I became a cosmetologist by chance. While styling the hair of friends and family, I fell in love with the creativity of it. After going through a divorce and moving to Topeka, KS my Aunt, whom was my biggest support system, told me to go to school and get my license. That was the best advice that led to me making the best decision I have ever made. 

I learned of the BDR through owners and good friends Aisha & Tiffany. When they decided to add hair styling to their photography and makeup firm, Smash Glam. They presented me with joining the team and without a doubt I was on board.

My beauty industry inspiration is Stephanie “Hair Magician” Thomas. When first starting out she took the time to take me under her wing and show me the in’s and outs of this industry. She taught me to not be afraid to take chances and be confident in everything I do.

My favorite Aveda hair product is the Smooth Infusion line; because it allows us natural girls to transform our beautiful curls to a Sleek and Smooth style. 

 This is Meika signing off...Have a great Wednesday, and remember to always....

 “Be your own kind of Beautiful”                                  







The Laya Center presents: Scalp to Soul

also by Smash Glam and TheBlowDryRoomKC

Destress Everything From Your Scalp To Your Soul!

Inspired by the ancient beliefs of Ayurveda and its focus on elemental nature, Aveda believes in holistic beauty when it comes to understanding your skin and hair. At our Holistic Wellness Center, we offer just that... A Scalp to Soul Experience!

Part 1: Elemental nature skincare diagnosis and skin-balance ritual

Your therapist, also known as an Aveda daymaker, will help customize a skincare regimen based on your elemental nature — fire, water, air, earth and infinity. Through a simple Q&A, she identifies any imbalances within that can manifest on the skin in the form of various skin problems like acne, dryness or even hyperpigmentation. Your daymaker will share application tips and tricks that will maximize the benefits of the regimen.

Part 2: Aveda aroma sensory journey

Marrying art and science, Aveda’s Aromaology focuses on stimulating the senses emotionally and intellectually. After choosing a scent, you’ll be pampered with an Aveda Stress-Relieving Hand Ritual or Aveda Stress-Relieving Head and Shoulder Ritual.

Part 3: Professional hair and scalp diagnosis

Get a better understanding of your scalp and hair health here. You’ll also be able to experiment with the different Aveda haircare and styling ranges at the dedicated styling station.

Part 4: Makeup tips and Custom Blends

We will also offer you the opportunity to get a PERFECTLY MATCHED, custom blended foundation made just for you while you wait.

Optional: Nutrition tips and breathing method

Before you go, your daymaker will share some easy-to-follow tips to ensure that you stay healthy and revitalised based on your elemental nature. With these, you’ll be better equipped to face the challenges ahead. And don’t we all need that?

Two for Tuesday's- The Hughey Sisters

The Blow Dry Room had the pleasure of working with The Hughey sisters Mariah and Marissa. They experienced The Blow Dry Room's, Sleek n Smooth and Natural Glam signature styles. Later in the day they became Smash Glam Kids. With faces beat to the Gods, they slayed and showcased their Black Girl Magic in front of the camera. After working hard, all the while having a blast, they were rewarded with cupcakes from Baby Cakes. Press play to see for yourself! Enjoy!

NYFW-Carlisha's Return Home

NYFW-Carlisha's Return Home

"I remember when I was attending Bellus Academy in Manhattan, Kansas that this type of work is what I said I wanted to be doing."

Hair Tip Tuesday: Aveda Hair Care-Thinning Hair Solutions In partnership with Aveda, Mo of MoKnowsHair shares information about thinning hair as well as tips to help strengthen hair. Mo answers your questions and recommends Aveda's Invati system. Hair loss, thinning, and shedding can happen for a number of reasons. Postpartum shedding and thinning happens after pregnancy due to hormones.

Model Monday- Hilari Holt

We just love Miss Hilari Holt and her curls!!!  Press Play and take a look at her Natural Glam transformation!  Have a great Monday!!!!