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Meet Our Team: Gabrielle

Gabrielle Williams

Hometown: Kansas City, MO

Years in Industry: 3 years

"Put one piece of hair out of place. Not everything has to be together"

I always ran from the idea of being a stylist. I saw so many people go to school and never do anything with it. I decided in 2012 that I was not going to be one of those people that went to school and never got a license. In school I still was not as focused as I should have been but, I completed and got my license. I worked in two salons before starting at the Blow Dry Room. I feel like my journey with hair has just begun. I am more focused as ever and ready for whatever comes. 

I learned about The Blow Dry Room when my cousin tagged me to the Smash Glam page. I researched the company, and realized I needed to be a part of Aisha and Tiffany’s team. My beauty industry inspirations are Trisha Bagley, Tippi Shorter and Tokyo Styles.

My favorite Aveda hair product is the Dry Remedy Masque treatment. I like to remind myself daily that "My success is guaranteed"...make sure you do the same and check out my video below!

Have a great day!


Model Monday | Become a Model

Here at The Blow Dry Room we are always looking for fresh faces for our Model Monday series.

All hair & skin types are welcome.

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Meet Our Team: Carlisha

 Carlisha "Hair By Carlisha" Nunnally  

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Years in Industry: 2years+

" Try not to wash your hair more than once a week, if it begins to feel dry, wet it and use just conditioner...the shampoo will only continue to dry your hair...its best used when removing product build up and cleanse the scalp."


I grew up doing hair. I even wanted to take the hair classes in high school, but we moved and I lost access to the program. Hair and makeup fascinated me, but I never took action until my internship with Disney. Life brought me to Kansas and I was able to take the necessary steps of faith. Though it took me some time to come to where I am. That time of growth helped me figure out what type of career I wanted. 

I saw a post on Smash Glam's Instagram. I have been follower since I moved to Kansas a few years ago. I admired there quality of work, so I wanted to watch them prosper. I never thought about working for them, but when I saw that they were opening BDR I knew that this was my chance. My chance at the career that I desire.

My beauty industry inspiration is Takisha Sturdivant-Drew. The level of greatness that I desire to reach I see in her and her work. She was the first stylist that I saw doing what I want to do. Takisha's work ethic and example was my hope. I also see that level of greatness in Tippi Shorter. I discovered her through the BDR, but quickly realized I was familiar with her work long before I knew of her. I have been blessed to have these two role models that also look like me...I have hope and they show me how to continue to embody humility.


My favorite Aveda hair product is the Dry Remedy Oil; because it is light and nourishing to the hair. It seals in moisture which helps control frizz and reduce breakage. It is perfect for anyone, but especially for anyone with naturally curly hair.

In the spirit of #throwbackThursday have a great day and enjoy one of my favorite quotes:

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself"- COCO CHANEL


Meet Our Team: Meika

 Meika “Stylez By Meme” Cheatum 

Hometown: Kansas City, Kansas

Years in Industry: 5 years+ 

“Take care of your hair from the inside out! Eating healthy and drinking plenty of water will definitely show through in your hair."

 I became a cosmetologist by chance. While styling the hair of friends and family, I fell in love with the creativity of it. After going through a divorce and moving to Topeka, KS my Aunt, whom was my biggest support system, told me to go to school and get my license. That was the best advice that led to me making the best decision I have ever made. 

I learned of the BDR through owners and good friends Aisha & Tiffany. When they decided to add hair styling to their photography and makeup firm, Smash Glam. They presented me with joining the team and without a doubt I was on board.

My beauty industry inspiration is Stephanie “Hair Magician” Thomas. When first starting out she took the time to take me under her wing and show me the in’s and outs of this industry. She taught me to not be afraid to take chances and be confident in everything I do.

My favorite Aveda hair product is the Smooth Infusion line; because it allows us natural girls to transform our beautiful curls to a Sleek and Smooth style. 

 This is Meika signing off...Have a great Wednesday, and remember to always....

 “Be your own kind of Beautiful”